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Please Go Away(tm) Vacations repeats as Collette Vacations Top Group Sales Performer
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left to right: Annette Pangburn, Marilyn Kopke, Zane Frings, and Paula Axman. All, except Frings, are Please Go Away Vacations team members.

Zane Frings, representing Collette Vacations and its president Dan Sullivan, recently traveled to Great Bend to personally present Please Go Away™ Vacations with an award naming it 2016 Top Group Producer!
Collette Vacations, headquartered in Pawtucket, R.I., is a recognized U.S. and world leader of quality travel programs to all seven continents. Its programs are often featured nationally on such popular television programs as “Wheel of Fortune.”
Please Go Away(tm) Vacations regularly uses Collette programs as the basic framework of a travel experience to which they add many extra special ethnic and dining experiences “plus” bonus events and other inclusions. By doing this, they design and craft one-of-a-kind “all inclusive” travel opportunities they designate as “feature” travel experiences. These one-of-a-kind personally escorted and value-added experiences are available only through Please Go Away(tm) Vacations. They produce a 94+% repeat factor, some travelers having “gone away” on the unique experiences more than 70 times; with other travelers close behind. More than 1,000 travelers have experienced five or more of the “feature” travel programs.
Please Go Away™ Vacations also regularly uses Collette programs for their “as you like it” travel clients who prefer less-inclusive travel experiences; and for those clients preferring experiences to other destinations and/or at different time frames.
In commenting on the award, Frings stated: “The Award for Top Group Account has been presented to Please Go Away Vacations on behalf of Collette for our appreciation of this partnership. This award is presented to the account that has done the most group travel with Collette in the states of Kansas and Missouri and therefore deserves high praise. Please Go Away Vacations has been a long standing partner of Collette and we are excited for what the future will hold for this partnership!”