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Resolutions to rehab: Move better in the New Year
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Teresa Malone, owner of Advanced Therapy & Sports Medicine in Great Bend

While your holidays are filled with Christmas hams,  sugar cookies and eggnog, the pending New Year and accompanying resolutions will be lingering in the back of your mind. And if it’s been awhile since your last trip to the gym, you should brush the rust off and talk with your local physical therapist about ways to stay safe while getting fit.
More than 38 percent of Americans resolve to lose weight in the New Year, which means that your neighborhood gym will be full of newly minted fitness fanatics tackling the treadmills and weights. A 2012 Consumer of Product Safety Commission (CPSC) report states that there were approximately 460,000 injuries caused by exercise and exercise equipment, that’s more people than the entire population of Sacramento, Calif. Before you hop on the treadmill or attempt your first spinning class, you should exercise caution to avoid injury.
“It’s much better to see a patient prior to them starting a fitness program in order to better help them start out on the right foot,” said Teresa Malone, owner of Advanced Therapy & Sports Medicine in Great Bend, and a member of the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association (PPS). “While we are always here to provide excellent rehabilitation treatment, it’s better for everyone involved if we can assess, educate, instruct patients before they end up in pain.”
A consultation with a physical therapist before starting a fitness program can help you to:
•    Identify muscular imbalances and incorporate stretching and strength for corrections
•    Assess balance and provide exercise modifications if necessary
•    Provide treatment options for any existing pain, such as joint or lower back problems
•    Establish a safe starting point for physical activity
“New Year’s Resolutions provide us a sense of rejuvenated commitment and nothing diminishes that faster than an unexpected injury,” said Malone, “With a focus on prevention, we are helping our patients achieve their 2015 goals in a safe and effective manner.”
Malone  says Advanced Therapy does not require a physician’s referral and opens its doors to anyone interested in learning more about how to have a healthy, safe and injury free holiday season. For more information, visit