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Rice County native named administrator at Sterling Village
Cindy Moore, center, the new administrator at Sterling Village, shares in an afternoon coffee break with two elders at the short-term rehab and long-term-care residence. Ruth Barker is on the left and Joyce Elliott is on the right.

STERLING — The new administrator at Sterling Village acknowledged that several years ago, she wasn’t planning on working in a long-term-care community.

But that was then and this is now.

“The years I have spent caring for elders have been the most professionally rewarding of my life,” said Cindy Moore, who recently was named administrator. “There are so many reasons for this but it all comes down to one thing. Our elders deserve to be treated with respect and dignity. I want to be part of this.”

Originally from Lyons, Moore has been at Sterling Village since 2011. She started as administrative assistant at the short-term rehab and long-term-care residence.

Moore had an associate’s degree but then pursued higher education and earned her bachelor’s in business.

The next stops at Sterling Village were the marketing department and the business office. Moore then became the human resources/business office manager.

When Karen Smith, the previous administrator, decided to move closer to her children, “I knew this was something I wanted to do and applied for the position,” Moore commented. “We miss Karen every day; she is a great person and encouraged me to accept new challenges.”

During Moore’s tenure at Sterling Village, she helped with many administrative tasks on a day-to-day basis. “I have a great team supporting me and we all have the same goal – to care for our elders and move forward. I am excited to be administrator and hope I can continue to make a difference here at Sterling Village.”

Currently, Moore noted, the primary goal is “to keep elders and staff safe during the pandemic. At the same time, we continue to provide a fun, relaxed and homelike environment for them.

“We also want to ensure the community is aware of the many services we offer. Our neighbors in central Kansas can be assured we are a great resource for families when loved ones need short-term or long-term care. When they contact us, they will soon learn we have a professional, caring staff to answer questions and offer support during a difficult time in their lives.”

Dana Rice, regional operations consultant with management company GraceTeam, said “Cindy has been a terrific asset to Sterling Village over the years and we are confident in her leadership. Because of this, her transition to administrator was well-deserved. We look forward to continued success at Sterling Village under her guidance.”