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Selecting the optimal wheat variety
Stacy Campbell
Stacy Campbell

In recent years, wheat producers are faced with an increasing number of varieties from which to choose. Producers can use different tools and publications to study each variety’s strengths and weaknesses, selecting varieties that best match their needs.

A new publication from K-State Research and Extension aims to help producers chose wheat varieties that should perform well for various regions, soil types, weather, production systems, insect and disease pressure, maturity, and to meet the needs of millers and bakers.

This comprehensive resource is part of a new outreach program called Kansas Wheat Rx and is a partnership between Kansas Wheat and K-State Research and Extension to share the latest research recommendations for high-yielding and high-quality wheat to Kansas wheat farmers.

You can access this publication at:

Also if you want to take a look at the Cottonwood Extension District local wheat plot results in Barton and Ellis County, go to, click Crops and Livestock and look under Hot Topics. 

Information is provided by Romulo Lollato, Wheat and Forages Specialist, Kelsey Andersen Onofre, Extension Wheat Pathologist, Lucas Haag, Agronomist – Northwest Area, Colby, Stu Duncan, Agronomist – Northeast Area, Manhattan, and Bruno Pedreira, Agronomist – Southeast Area, Parsons. 

Stacy Campbell is an Agriculture and Natural Resources agent for Cottonwood Extension District. Email him at or call the Hays office, 785-628-9430.