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SRS recognizes exemplary employees statewide
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SRS Interim-Acting Secretary Jeff Kahrs and Carolyn Swigart

During a special luncheon, Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services Interim-Acting Secretary Jeff Kahrs recognized 20 agency employees for outstanding service and dedication to the people of Kansas on Friday, Jan. 27th.
The “SRS Shining Star” honored from Great Bend is Carolyn Swigart, a Social Worker Specialist, cited for exemplary service to clients during the luncheon that took place at the SRS Learning Center .
Her nomination describes a wealth of child welfare expertise, as well as a level headedness that benefits the clients she works with in tough situations. Her passion for the children in Kansas care drives her to go above and beyond and remain active in hundreds of cases, always maintaining a professional attitude and a fabulous work ethic. She also mentors less seasoned CFS workers, helping them develop the instincts necessary to manage so many cases. SRS is privileged to have someone with such professionalism and expertise.