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St. Rose changes name of Urgent Care; offers wait-time, mobile-device app
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A new St. Rose Health Center smart-phone app is now available. It indicates how long a patient can expect to wait for treatment at the facilitys Convenient Care Walk-in Clinic, formerly named Urgent Care.

Delete          While the many health-care services remain the same, the name of one of the St. Rose Health Center clinics has changed.

          The new name for Urgent Care at St. Rose is Convenient Care Walk-in Clinic.

          “We want to more clearly define to the patient that this is a walk-in clinic,” said Mark Mingenback, corporate health consultant. “No appointment is necessary.

          “We have noticed the opening of other urgent-care-type clinics in the market,” Mingenback continued. “The phrase has been loosely defined. So to prevent any confusion, we want people to be aware they can walk in without an appointment.”

          In yet another effort to accommodate patients, he added, a new St. Rose wait-time app is available at the Apple Store and Google Play; iPhone and Android versions are available. It will provide the current wait time to a smart phone, as well as directions to the clinic and a phone connection.

          Wait time is defined as “check-in to room” time. It is the average time from when patients arrive and check in at the clinic to the time they are placed in a room and treatment begins. Times are updated every 60 seconds based on actual times from the preceding two hours.

          “We want to give patients information they need at their fingertips,” Mingenback explained. “In a non-emergency situation, the patient can check their devices to determine how long they will wait to see one of our health-care providers.

“Since a Convenient Care-related issue is not an emergency, patients can decide when to come in,” he added. “They can determine if the wait will be a few minutes or a half hour, for example.”

          The clinic opened about four years ago and has been a tremendous success, Mingenback noted.

          “Our community has responded to our easy-access clinic seven days a week,” he said, “We appreciate all the great support in the past and trust it will continue.”

          The list of Convenient Care services is long but includes treatment for influenza, sprains, broken bones, earaches – anything that needs care but can wait a little bit.

          In addition, school and Commercial Driver’s License physical exams can be taken care of at Convenient Care.

          The walk-in clinic’s hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday; 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Saturday; and noon to 5 p.m. Sunday.

          Mingenback hopes the community “will continue to bear with us during the transition into the new St. Rose facility. Many of our providers, technicians and equipment are already at home here; Convenient Care has always been available throughout the transition. By late summer, the new facility will be fully converted.”

          The entrance to all St. Rose services is currently on the west side of the building, next to the new parking lot and across the street from the Dominican Sisters convent.

          When the remodeling is complete, the new front door will be on the southeast side of the building with the drive entrance off Broadway. “There will be another new, larger parking lot that will allow easy access to all St. Rose services and providers,” Mingenback commented.

St. Rose specializes in primary care, prevention and wellness. Services include St. Rose Family Medicine, Convenient Care Walk-in Clinic, Great Bend Internists, imaging, infusion clinic, WellnessWorks, one-day surgical procedures, Golden Belt Home Health & Hospice and a comprehensive Specialty Clinic. St. Rose is co-owned by Hays Medical Center and Centura Health.