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St. Rose starts new Speakers Bureau
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In this file photo, Gloria Siefkes, R.N. and diabetes educator, displays what five pounds of fat looks like as she teaches a diabetes self-management class at St. Rose. - photo by COURTESY PHOTO

St. Rose Ambulatory & Surgery Center wants to help educate the public about illness prevention and treatment options, and is offering its experts to spread the word.
Members of the new St. Rose Speaker’s Bureau are available to talk with businesses, civic organizations, church groups, sororities and senior center visitors.
“We are available to any community group that wants to learn more about how to stay healthy, as well as treatment options when a problem does occur,” said Mark Mingenback, executive director of business strategy and marketing. “The national healthcare reform movement is emphasizing education and we want to help people be informed about all their options.
 “We have been talking about ways to be proactive and the Speakers’ Bureau is a result,” Mingenback added. “We want to accommodate the community in any way we can to maybe prevent health problems from occurring in the first place.”
Not only is prevention good for overall health, there are also financial incentives. Some insurance companies will offer these incentives to people who make lifestyle changes that benefit their health, Mingenback explained.
“Our experts are here to explain how lifestyle habits can be so important to illness prevention,” Mingenback said. “Whether the topic is diet, smoking or exercise, they can discuss common-sense ways to get people on the road to a healthier lifestyle.”
In addition, the speakers are available to talk about their specialties and answer general questions.
 The Speakers’ Bureau list of members and topics is not yet complete but so far it includes:
• Julie McClaren, ARNP: general women’s health management, breast health and Pap tests
• Maxine Lingurar, M.D., gynecologist: female incontinence, menopause management and minimally invasive hysterectomies
• Tatiana Kovtoun, M.D., general surgeon: varicose veins and colon health
• Ranjan Sachdev, M.D., orthopedic surgeon: bone health, osteoporosis and computer-navigated joint-replacement surgery
• Claudia Perez-Tamayo, M.D., radiation oncologist: cancer
• Jerry Stavens, M.D., cardiologist: heart health
• Gloria Siefkes, R.N., diabetes educator: eating healthy and diabetes education
For more information or to schedule a speaker, contact Mingenback by calling 620-786-6136. The Speakers’ Bureau membership list also will be available soon at