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Sterling Village offers short-term rehabilitation services
Sterling Village short-term rehab services
Mary Lou Comley, Sterling Village elder, works on her balance during a therapy session with Kyla Knapp, physical therapy assistant.

When Mary Lou Comley learned that Sterling Village could accommodate her short-term rehabilitation needs, she was “thrilled” and didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the on-site therapies.

Comley, 81, wanted to share her family’s experience with the community so that others will consider taking advantage of the short-term rehab services at Sterling Village.

The situation began when Comley suffered a major stroke just a couple of days after moving into a Sterling Village Cottage. She was hospitalized in Wichita before returning to Sterling Village – this time in the skilled-nursing area.

She stayed for about 14 weeks, receiving physical, occupational and speech therapies on-site.

“I am lucky the stroke didn’t affect my mind or my actual speech but I did have to re-learn how to walk, write and swallow,” said Comley, who also needed a feeding tube. “The speech therapy helped with the swallowing problems.

“I am now back to independent living in my wonderful Cottage and feel like myself again.”

Before the Sterling Village therapy regimen began, Comley’s children had to keep the road hot between Sterling and Wichita. The short-term rehab services close to home solved that problem.

Comley praised Kyla Knapp, physical therapy assistant, and the rest of the Sterling Village staff for the successful rehab treatments.

“They are well-educated and very caring, Christian people,” Comley noted. “They also were flexible with their schedules. I appreciate their dedication to daily therapy, even on holidays.

Knapp appreciates Comley’s remarks but said “Mary Lou was determined and disciplined throughout the rehab. She made up her mind early on that she would return home to her former level of functioning. And she did.”

Comley’s experience is a demonstration of what can happen when therapy is available and the patient puts in the effort, Knapp commented.

“Our therapists work directly with each patient to individualize a plan of care,” Knapp said. “This teamwork equals success at Sterling Village where the staff cares about the elders’ success in meeting their goals. It is great to see them improve and heal.”

The Sterling Village team is available for patients such as Comley who suffered a stroke but also for those who have fallen or undergone surgeries such as hip or knee replacement.

“Our patients are usually pleasantly surprised at their good and steady progress,” Knapp commented. “All milestones, big and small, are celebrated.

“The fringe benefit is that families are relieved their loved one is receiving therapy close to home. It gives them hope during a challenging time and takes some of the pressure off. Families know their loved one is receiving high-quality therapy that can lead to a return to their previous lifestyle.”

Lisa Valentine, Sterling Village community liaison, said Knapp and her therapy colleagues have a “can-do attitude that is contagious. This whole team is awesome because we have consistency and professionalism with Aegis Therapies.

“Our working relationship is one of trust and mutual respect,” Valentine continued. “Aegis knows our staff and residents, and we are equipped with therapy resources and equipment on site.”

The entire team is focused on continuing “our 5-star-rated care. Patients are treated like family in our small, intimate setting, which results in a very high success rate,” Valentine said.

Therapy services are available at Sterling Village to out-patients who don’t live there. The staff will help prospective patients determine what services are covered by insurance.