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Successful Human (e)Motion
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Great Bend Regional Hospital sponsored Human (e)Motion on Saturday, June 18th. One-hundred and twenty athletes and 45 volunteers enjoyed a perfect Kansas summer day participating in different running, biking, and walking events. All proceeds went to the Great Bend Family Crisis Center.

"It was just a great day seeing athletes compete hard, promoting healthy lifestyles, and just being out and enjoying a gorgeous day" states Pam Chamber, Administrator of Great Bend Regional Hospital. "It was also wonderful to know that everyone’s efforts were going to raise money for the Family Crisis Center."

Some of the athletes participated in a 2 mile walk, 25 mile bike ride, or a 62 mile bike ride. The bike rides allowed riders to enjoy beautiful country scenery throughout the county. Event organizer Doug Chambers stated, "Barton County gives riders opportunities for an outstanding riding experience. We have plenty of nice paved county roads with a few rolling hills and without a lot of traffic."

Runners competed in a 5K race or ½ Marathon. Local professional athletes Jackie Stiles and Cameron Chambers returned to their hometowns to support efforts to raise funds for the Family Crisis Center. Both athletes spoke after they raced in the ½ marathon, giving partial credit for their success to their Kansas roots providing them a solid foundation and the support they experience from this community. Winners by age categories and running race were the following:

5000 Meter

Female 19 and under:1st – Mariah Stein; 2nd – Lindsey Higgins; 3rd – Allison Damm

Female 20 to 29: 1st - Tiffany Throop; 2nd – Jenna Wondra; 3rd – Christie Colglazier

Female 30 to 39: 1st – Billie Kuhlman; 2nd – Misty Nachititgal; 3rd - Megan Wondra

Female 40 to 49: 1st – Betty Stumma; 2nd – Krista Ball; 3rd – Cindy Damm

Female 50 and over: 1st – Nancy Ritter; 2nd – Kristian Asher; 3rd – Rebecca Jacobs

Male 19 and under: 1st – Chon Chavez; 2nd – Kyle Schauvliege; 3rd – Juan Garcia

Male 20 to 29: 1st – Christopher Manning; 2nd – Alex Moyer; 3rd – Keith Ferguson

Male 30 to 39: 1st – Robert (Will) Williams; 2nd - Jonathan Phillips

Male 40 to 49: 1st – Bill Bullard

Male 50 and over: 1st – Jim Smith; 2nd – Mike Keeley

½ Marathon Run

Female 20 to 29: 1st - Kendra Chambers-Miller; 2nd – Kelli Woodward

Female 30 to 39: 1st - Jackie Stiles; 2nd – Leah Alpers; 3rd – Heather Rube

Female 40 to 49: 1st – Sandy McMullen; 2nd – Rhonda Klug; 3rd – Cheryl Ralston

Male 20 to 29: 1st – Cameron Chambers; 2nd – Wes Miller

Male 30 to 39: 1st – Mark Pohlman; 2nd – Andy Thompson

Male 50 and over: 1st – Steve Dutton; 2nd – Alan Stein; 3rd – Dean Nuss

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