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Sunflower Bank, USD 355 collaborate on financial literacy
COURTESY PHOTO Gaila Demel, center, works with Ellinwood Middle School students on financial literacy as part of a Sunflower Bank program.

ELLINWOOD — Sunflower Bank, in collaboration with the Ellinwood School District, is committed to fostering financial literacy among students, cultivating essential skills for a lifetime of informed financial decision-making.

Becca Maxwell, Sunflower Bank community development officer, expressed gratitude for the partnership with the Ellinwood School District. “Teaching seventh-grade math in collaboration with Mrs. Gatton’s math class is a valuable initiative, ensuring students are equipped with the knowledge needed for sound financial choices,” she said.

Maxwell, alongside community volunteer Gaila Demel, engaged with the Ellinwood Middle School math classes, introducing banking basics. The collaborative effort extends to a concession stand math program, designed to teach practical skills such as counting up and counting back change.

This partnership signifies a dedication to empowering students with the financial skills necessary for a successful future. Sunflower Bank and Ellinwood School District are united in their mission to instill financial literacy as a cornerstone of students’ education.