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Sunflower Diversified and Stafford host community event
stafford county sunflower event 2019
The city of Stafford and Sunflower Diversified Services hosted the recent Stafford Community Free Swim and Hot Dog Feed. Approximately 70 people attended.

STAFFORD — Since the mayor of Stafford wanted to help raise awareness about Sunflower Diversified Services in her community, she extended an invitation.

Mayor Julie Lyon invited Sunflower clients and staff to the recent Stafford Community Free Swim and Hot Dog Feed.

Sunflower serves children and adults with intellectual disabilities and delays in central Kansas. Stafford is in the non-profit agency’s service area.

“I wanted the people of Stafford to be more aware of the services Sunflower provides,” Lyon said. “It is a great organization that benefits Stafford and the surrounding area.

“By interacting with clients and staff, our community can build and maintain a strong relationship with Sunflower,” she continued. “It was nice to have the leaders of the agency meet local residents and serve the meal.”

Lyon also noted other recent collaborations with Sunflower. These include: Community Leader Luncheon in Stafford; addition of a confidential paper-shredding box in the local library; discussions about further recycling improvements; and a weekly General Public Transportation route for Stafford.

“We are thankful for all Sunflower does,” Lyon said. “I look forward to working with them in future endeavors.”

Connie Oetken, Sunflower’s director of development, said clients and staff were “happy to attend this great event and give back to a community that supports what we do. We are grateful to Julie Lyon for inviting us.

“Clients went swimming and staff members cooked and served the food,” Oetken added. “The city pool is awesome and everyone had a great time.”

Sunflower serves infants, toddlers and adults in Barton, Pawnee, Rice, Rush and Stafford counties. It is in its 53rd year.