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Sunflower Financial launches a new investment firm focused on delivering better outcomes
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Introducing Logia Portfolio Management, a new investment management firm that partners with advisors to meet the needs of today’s investor. Logia, a subsidiary of Sunflower Financial, Inc., is focused on managing risk, tax consequences, costs, and is positioned to tackle current and upcoming industry challenges.
“The market has long overlooked the value of client-centered portfolio management in favor of a product-orientation based on past performance,” said Mike Winkel, President of Logia. “The need to shift focus is more acute than ever as baby boomers are entering into retirement at the same time markets are forecast to deliver more modest returns. For clients to meet their goals, they need an advisor to help formulate a plan and navigate an array of withdrawal strategies. They also need an investment solution that will maintain an appropriate risk profile, is tax-sensitive, and much lower cost than traditional approaches.”
Logia leverages contemporary technology and portfolio management expertise to offer advisors a solution that helps them meet their clients’ investing needs, and allows them to focus on advising clients and building lasting relationships.
“The new fiduciary rule just issued by the Department of Labor may prove to be a real catalyst for Logia’s model,” says Dave Ferry, Senior Vice President of Logia. “Logia’s approach has all the hallmarks of a fiduciary-based investment program with complete product objectivity, low costs, and active management of risk and taxes. It positions us well to help out advisors needing to make a change in their business model.”
Mike Winkel and David Ferry, both 30-year industry veterans with experience at large national firms have combined to build the firm’s infrastructure and launch the new, innovative platform. They bring together today’s best technology for managing portfolios with the human element of true portfolio expertise. You can discover more about Logia at