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Superior Essex STAR
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Pictured left to right are Tony Szot, Plant Manager; Joe Axman, STAR Employee; Brent Curtis, Maintenance Manager

Superior Essex of Hoisington announces the latest recipient of the STAR Employee Recognition Award. Joe Axman, Master Mechanic, was named the first quarter 2015 STAR Employee and will be treated to a dinner in his honor, a customized gift pack, a plaque, and STAR Employee parking privileges.
The Superior Essex STAR Recognition Award Program is designed to recognize STAR employees (Superior Teamwork Attitude and Results) for their outstanding teamwork, service, attitude, performance, and commitment to achieving the Plant’s goals. One award is given quarterly to an outstanding employee, and the selection is based on peer nominations.   
Joe has worked at Superior Essex since September 1985. He consistently demonstrates all of the qualities expected of a ‘STAR’ employee such as high work quality, work ethic, safe work practices, initiative, attitude, teamwork, volunteerism, mentoring skills, patience, and dependability. His peer nominations stated, “Joe deserves this award because he consistently looks for ways to improve the quality of equipment in the plant, and he is very good at troubleshooting issues that come up during the day. He is always determined to make a repair so that it is done right before he signs off on it. He is always looking for ways to improve or increase the life of equipment in the plant. Additionally, he is a safe worker and makes sure his co-workers in the area are also safe. Joe is here every day ready to lend a helping hand to all phases of the operation. He is always upbeat and has a positive attitude whether he is having a good day or a bad day. Joe is always looking for new ways or ideas to make everything run smoothly. He is the perfect example of a team player. When we are having trouble with equipment, he always sticks around to make sure it is working properly and comes back later to check also. Joe is a hard worker and dedicated employee. He never complains, always smiles, and goes above and beyond on whatever he is doing. He has been an active member of the safety committee and has regularly been involved with the safety audits.”
Tony Szot, Plant Manager, said, “Joe is a great employee who is valued for his teamwork and has a strong commitment to quality work as well as excellent work habits. He has been a valuable asset in troubleshooting mechanical and process issues and can be counted on to follow up and ensure the issues are resolved. Additionally, Joe is always willing to make suggestions for improvements and is a valued member of the Safety Committee.  Based upon his initiative, great work ethic, and dedication, Joe is a model of a STAR employee and is an excellent choice for the 2015 first quarter STAR Employee Award.”