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Telephone Tuesday sees increase in calls to businesses
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 Although Labor Day is considered by many to be one of the laziest days of the year, the day after Labor Day might actually be one of the busiest for many businesses.

According to an analysis of millions of consumer-to-business phone calls conducted by Marchex, the day after Labor Day is characterized by 34 percent percent higher inbound call volume to businesses (many from “click-to-call” ads).

So move over Black Friday and Cyber Monday:  If you’re a business that relies on inbound consumer phone calls, Telephone Tuesday (Sept. 8) might be the date you really need to mark on the calendar.

Why is this the case?  Many U.S. consumers tend to use the final days of summer to get something accomplished — whether it means booking a last-minute vacation or scheduling home and car repairs before the fast-approaching holiday season.

Other notable findings of the study include:

• “Telephone Tuesday” is the second busiest “click-to-call” day of the year, falling just behind the first business day after July 4 (which has a 40 percent increase in consumer call volume).

•  Cable and Satellite businesses see the most activity with 65 percent more calls than usual – as football fans scramble for the best deals on sports packages.

•  Health care and insurance businesses can expect 80% more calls than normal – as college students prepare for back to school.

• Automotive service businesses are number 10 on the list – but this is nothing compared to the spike they see during end-of-year sales.

•Industries like law, finance, real estate and banking don’t experience spikes in call volume on this day.