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Virtual McPherson County Hiring Day invites people across the nation to consider life in McPherson County
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McPherson County is hosting its second McPherson County Hiring Day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 8. The virtual format offers professional job seekers a chance to explore industries and jobs throughout the county, network with local businesses, and learn more about McPherson County lifestyle, housing, and residence, from afar.

“McPherson County is an industrial hub of the great plains. For a community of our size to have the breadth and depth of the industry that we have is truly unique. Our companies are always hiring and looking for quality candidates from across the nation. The virtual nature of Hiring Day makes these national connections much simpler,” said Kasi Morales, Go McPherson executive director. 

The open house format invites participants to register in advance and then log in and visit the booths when it’s convenient for them on the day of the event. They can share resumes and interview for jobs on the spot, or they can learn more about the industries and businesses in McPherson County and start introductory conversations through chat or video chat. Go McPherson and other community representatives will also be available to answer questions about residency in McPherson County.

To register for the free event,, or contact Kasi Morales at 620-245-2521.