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With 131 million returns filed, millions of amended returns expected
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Cumulative statistics comparing 4/19/13 and 4/18/14

Individual Income Tax Returns:     2013                 2014              % Change
Total Receipts                              130,203,000        131,170,000        0.7
Total Processed                           120,737,000        125,604,000        4.0

E-filing Receipts:
TOTAL                                        112,665,000         115,969,000        2.9
Tax Professionals                         69,474,000           69,992,000        0.7
Self-prepared                                43,191,000           45,977,000        6.5

Web Usage:
Visits to                          296,468,446          269,820,598      -9.0

Total Refunds:
Number                                         93,839,000           94,809,000         1.0
Amount                                     $249.489 billion     $254.702 billion     2.1
Average refund                                $2,659                   $2,686

Direct Deposit Refunds:
Number                                        76,135,000            76,714,000          0.8
Amount                                     $217.189 billion      $217.657 billion      0.2
Average refund                               $2,853                    $2,837             -0.5

WASHINGTON — As of April 18, almost 46 million returns were e-filed from home computers, more than the total from home computers for all of 2013. The IRS has received more than 131 million returns, of which 88 percent were e-filed.
In Kansas, the IRS estimated 1,195,700 2013 returns were filed as of April 18. Of those, 1,112,600 were e-filed and 83,100 were paper.
In addition, the IRS expects to receive about 90,000 federal tax returns by Oct. 15 from Kansas taxpayers who filed a six-month extension request.  
The IRS also projects that almost 5 million taxpayers will amend their returns by filing Form 1040X during 2014. Taxpayers who need to amend their returns should file this form only after filing the original return. Generally, for a credit or refund, taxpayers must file Form 1040X within 3 years, including extensions, after the date they filed their original return or within 2 years after the date they paid the tax, whichever is later. For most people, this means that returns for tax-year 2011 or later can still be amended.  
This year, many same-sex couples may want to consider filing amended returns. A same sex couple, legally married in a state or foreign country that recognizes their marriage, is now considered married for tax purposes. This is true regardless of whether or not the couple lives in a jurisdiction that recognizes same-sex marriage.
For returns originally filed before Sept. 16, 2013, legally married same sex couples have the option of filing amended return to change their filing status to married filing separately or married filing jointly. But they are not required to change their filing status on a prior return, even if they amend that return for another reason. In either case, their amended return must be consistent with the filing status they have chosen.  Further details are available on
As all amended returns must be filed on paper, allow up to 12 weeks for Form 1040X to be processed.  Starting 3 weeks after filing their amended returns, taxpayers can use the “Where’s My Amended Tax Return?” tool on to check the status.