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Zs Car Wash celebrates Grand Opening
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Located at the intersection of 10th and Main in Great Bend, Z’s Car Wash is no stranger to Great Bend drivers. Community residents have been enjoying the car wash’s convenient location for several years. However, loyal patrons may have noticed a drastic difference in the quality of the wash they receive since the end of last year. “I firmly believe as a business owner that if you are going to provide a service, it needs to be the very best,” says owner Joey Zimmerman. “Our old car wash just wasn’t cutting it, so after seven months of research and a huge financial investment, I’m proud to announce that the community can start enjoying the benefits of our new and improved wash experience.”
On Friday, March 18th, Zimmerman will be hosting a grand opening/ribbon cutting. The public is invited to come and enjoy free refreshments starting at 4 p.m. Following the ribbon cutting, Zimmerman will be giving away some free car washes and showing those in attendance what really sets his wash apart from his competitors.
“Dwell time refers to the length of time that the soap and other products have to rest on the surface of the vehicle before being rinsed away,” Zimmerman says. “Our wash is 2 and a half minutes longer than any of the other automatic washes in town. This is mainly due to the longer dwell times and the increased selection of products customers can choose from, including tri-cor, bug-buster, and rain-x.”
In addition to a traditional automatic car wash, the Z’s Car Wash also features some unique characteristics. The highly sophisticated machinery includes electronic eyes that allow it to sense where the bumpers and tires are at. “Following an undercarriage wash, the machine senses where the tires are at, and hub-scrubbers clean the wheels during the wash,” Zimmerman says. “The machine also knows to only apply the bug-buster product to the front of the car. Sophisticated technology like this doesn’t come cheap, but it is worth the investment to provide a service like this to the community.”
Z’s Car Wash opens at 6:30 a.m. and stays open until 10 p.m. on weekdays and 11 p.m. on weekends. “To thank my customers for trying the new wash, we’re going to be giving anyone who purchases a car wash a six cent discount per gallon on their gas,” Zimmerman says. “They don’t even have to use the wash on the same day as their gas purchase.”
For more information, stop by Zip Stop at 10th & Main in Great Bend.