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County reports dramatic increase in COVID-19 cases
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Breakdown of new cases

Barton County verified 131 new COVID-19 cases between 4 p.m. on Oct. 30 and 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 5. The new cases were in 75 males and 56 females.

The number of new cases by residence: 

Claflin  6

Ellinwood 8

Great Bend 91

Hoisington 6

Olmitz 2

Pawnee Rock 0

Rural Barton County 18

The Barton County Health Department issued a statement Thursday afternoon concerning a dramatic increase in positive COVID-19 cases:

“Over the course of the last several days, a serious situation has developed in Barton County concerning the COVID-19 pandemic. The Barton County Health Department, in an effort to inform and warn the general public, feels that a special press release is required to address the situation. The Health Department has seen a dramatic increase of positive coronavirus cases. In the last six days, we have recorded 131 positive cases.

“This is an unprecedented number for Barton County. Each case requires investigation and follow-up, further consuming county resources. It is evident the virus has become community spread. 

“Because of limited personnel and other services provided by our department, it has become evident we will need to streamline some services. We will be limiting outreach services and may be restricting other services such as flu vaccination and other testing services to certain days and times. WIC services will continue as normal. The new schedule of services will be available next Monday afternoon.

“As always, the health and safety of the citizens of Barton County is paramount. We are doing our utmost to make efficient use of the resources available.

“We expect this trend will continue and will deal with the situation as it develops. This is a very serious and sometimes deadly virus. We strongly encourage the public to take this pandemic seriously by practicing social distancing and staying home if at all possible.”

New cases

Barton County Public Information Officer Donna Zimmerman sent the Health Department’s statement and released the following update at 4:30 p.m. Thursday. It was the county’s first update since 4 p.m. Friday, Oct. 30, when there had been 797 total cases over the course of the pandemic.

There have been 928 positive cases in Barton County, including seven deaths; 212 positive cases were active Thursday afternoon. The county has issued 4,639 quarantine or isolation orders and 542 of those were still active.

Cases have been reported in 406 males and 522 females.

The location and number of positive cases, followed by the number of current active cases, follows:

Claflin 21 - 7

Ellinwood 110 - 21

Great Bend 536 - 139

Hoisington 92 - 15

Olmitz 5 - 3

Pawnee Rock 7 - 0

Rural Barton County 157 - 27