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Insurance Commissioner Vicki Schmidt announces millions in savings for Kansas consumers
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TOPEKA — Insurance Commissioner Vicki Schmidt announced relief programs established by property and casualty insurance companies during the COVID-19 crisis have resulted in millions of dollars in savings for Kansans.   

The relief programs established by some companies, but not all, are aimed at helping consumers through rebates on premiums paid, discounts on rates or credits toward future payments. To date, 58 companies are providing some sort of relief to Kansans, totaling over $56 million in savings.  

“I am pleased to see the insurance industry step up in a really big way for Kansans,” said Schmidt. “Kansans can now use these dollars to support their families and invest in their local economies.” 

Kansas consumers should reach out to their insurance agent or auto insurer to find out the relief options that may be available to them and how they will be distributed. If consumers need assistance finding contact information for their auto insurer, they are encouraged to reach out to the Kansas Insurance Department’s Consumer Assistance Division online at or call 800-432-2484.