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Police chief explains Covid-19 precautions
David Bailey
David Bailey

We at the Great Bend Police Department are taking precautions to help safe-guard our employees and citizens from the Coronavirus, aka Covid-19.

The Great Bend Police Department will remain open to the general public. 

To reduce citizen contact and walk in reporting of an incident: 

Citizens are encouraged to call ahead (620-793-4120), as many questions or requests can be handled by the telephone which may be more convenient for the citizen and the Police Department employee. 

The GBPD will handle as many calls as possible by using a telephone. These type calls will be lower level calls and less serious type of events, etc. Great Bend Police will respond to all emergency calls.  

The GBPD Building itself will only be open to the public at the north door entrance. Officers and Records personnel will be on duty to assist citizens. GBPD Records Division hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

GBPD ride-along program will be suspended until a future date.

GBPD employees encourage citizens to wash their hands with soap and water often. 

Use hand sanitizer when needed.

Stay a social distance from others.

Cover you cough.

If you are ill stay at home.

The members of the Great Bend Police Department are here to help and assist the public. If you need help or assistance, please call 620-793-4120. If you need immediate help call 911.


Thank you,

David Bailey

Chief of Police

Great Bend