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Bungalow FCE
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Jeanine Laughlin and Margie Nairn hosted a pot luck luncheon on Nov. 14 at the Foundry Methodist Church for members and guest of Bungalow FCE Family and Community Education Unit.
At the session, Laughlin gave an informative review of the problems of gluten, found in wheat products, for persons with special sensitivities to wheat grains and the gluten wheat grains contain. Wheat flour is used in many baked products and for some folks, gluten can lead to celiac disease. Celiac disease can eventually lead to a host of other diseases and health problems.
The speaker showed many products for home cookery and special diets that do not contain glutens such as rice flour, corn meal and others.
Since she is allergic to gluten, she gave many facts about the major and minor problems that gluten can cause.
The speaker gave those attending a list of recipe books for gluten-free cookery and a research leaflet, “Gluten Free Diet Guide for Families”.
Nancy Swafford, program chairman, gave members lists of extension programs and lesson materials ready for 2012.
Guests were Joe Boley, Bill Laughlin, Arnnie Essmiller, Jack Messick and Bob Weaver.
Pat Lightfoot announced that the Bungalow Christmas dinner will begin at 6 p.m. on Dec. 3 at the Historical Society Museum.