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Garden Club
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Twenty members of the Great Bend Garden Club along with two guests, Pam Sweeney and Kay Hallenbeck, met for their April meeting at the Barton County Extension Office.
Special refreshments in pastel Easter baskets were served by Kerry Lampe.
Mary Kummer introduced Bernice Deines from Northview Nursery who gave an informative program on container gardens. She filled a variety of flower pots and containers with explanations of new varieties of flowers and succulents, complimentary arrangements, and suggestions for combining plants with similar light and watering requirements. Her presentation was followed by a question and answer period.
Delores Grose reported on two new names to be printed on the Memorial Plaques at the Cemetery Rose Garden. Plans for preparing the Rose Garden for Memorial Day include pruning, weeding, spraying for mildew and adding weed preventative, fertilizer, and decorative mulch. Members of the Rose Committee: Alice Young, Mary Kummer, Diane Feldt, and Teddi Maneth, will see to the purchase of needed materials before the next workday on April 29. All members are asked to assist in the work.
The next meeting will be a tour of club members’ gardens beginning at the home of Bonnie Sarff. The tour will include the gardens of Bonnie Sarff, Mary Kummer, Alice Young, Delores Grose, and Delores Baker.