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International Award Winner President of local Pilot Club
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Bonnie Millirans, Director of PI Club Services, Betty Schneider, 2014-2015 PI President Sherry Johnson

The 2014-2015 Pearl Sparks Pilot Service Award was awarded to the incoming President of Great Bend Pilot Club, Betty Schneider. Betty was recognized at the International Pilot Convention in Orlando, Fla. in July. She is this year’s incoming Pilot Club President. Betty has said, “I feel it is my duty as a Pilot to give willingly, fully and selflessly as a mentor, leader and caregiver to our families, friends and community. Pilot provides countless opportunity to perform the unexpected acts of care and kindness that will make a difference in the lives of others.”  
Pilot International was chartered on Oct. 18, 1921, in Macon, Ga. The name “Pilot” was inspired by the mighty riverboat pilots of that day who represented leadership and guidance. Pilot International’s motto is friendship and service. One of the first members, Pearl Sparks of Florence, Ala. wrote the Pilot Code of Ethics. It was first presented in 1926 at the 5th Annual PI Convention. An award in honor of Pearl is bestowed on an exemplary Pilot who is an asset to Pilot and their community, they are the embodiment of Pilot Club ideals and Ethics through service.