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League of Women Voters meetings
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League of Women Voters of Great Bend will hold it’s monthly meeting at noon on Tuesday at Montana Mike’s, in the north room. Lunch will be from the menu and can be from their “quick serve” menu.
The program will be provided by Pat Satterlee KDHEIDHCF. She is the local outreach person for KanCare. She will be speaking on “Facts About KanCare” and the recent legislative problems that have arisen with the current administration and congress. Questions will be taken from the audience. The public is invited to see how all of this works, listen and be informed so they can make good decisions about what has transpired and anything else that has happened to the program. Audience participation is encouraged.
The annual meeting of the League of Women Voters of Great Bend will be held at 10 a.m. on April 13 at Sunflower Diversified Services facilities on west highway 96. The agenda includes the election of officers and board, the adoption of the budget for the next year, the adoption of the”program of study for the coming year, and any considerations members feel need to be brought before the group. Members are encouraged to come to vote and have suggestions to help the League plan a successful year.
League is a non-partisan organization devoted to informing and educating the voting public on national,
state, and local issues of importance. Membership is open to both men and women. League can be accessed
on the web at Join the League for lunch and ask questions.