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Progress Club meeting
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Progress Club met March 2 at the home of Linda Dougherty with Norma Ward and Judy Turner as co-hostesses. The meeting was opened with a prayer. Correspondence read was a thank you from Diana Webster, presenter of the the Feb. program. Cards were signed  for Mary Ann Mull and Janet Little. Judy announced the nominating committee of Sharon Jones, Kathy Schugart, and Judy Turner who will present a ballot of proposed officers at April meeting.  
The program, “Unintended Consequences,” was presented by Pat Halbower. Pat illustrated how all decisions result in a consequence, either favorable or unfavorable. An example given was when a large amount of the coyote population was decimated; the result was an over abundance of rabbits. Another present day example is as a result of fracking and the return of waste water to the ground, and increase in earthquakes and building damage  are occuring.  
The next meeting will be at 1:15 p.m. on April 6, at the home of Karen Becker with Janet Engleman and Pat Klusener as co-hostesses.