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Rotary Club project
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Work began on Nov. 28, to build a sanitary four unit toilet in the Children’s Peace Park being developed by the Rotary Club of Bushenyi, Uganda, with the digging of the trenches for the water and sewer lines. The connection between three Kansas Rotary Clubs and District 5670 in Kansas and the Rotary Club of Bushenyi, Uganda, began when Mike Mills, McPherson Rotary Club, sat with Sister (Nurse) Ephrance Nuwamanya, incoming President of the Rotary Club of Bushenyi, on a bus ride to the Convention Center at the Rotary International annual conference in Lisbon last June. A Rotary relationship was established when discussing the needs in southwest Uganda, and how Kansas Rotarians might help meet those needs. The Toilet Project was a first doable need that the McPherson Rotary Club could help fund. After learning about the project, the Newton Rotary Club and the Great Bend Rotary Club also adopted the project, with the McPherson Rotary Club being awarded a matching grant from District 5670. Water and sanitation is an emphasis of the Rotary Foundation. The first community project of the first Rotary Club was providing a public toilet facility in downtown Chicago completed in 1908. The funds for this toilet project were transferred on World Toilet Day, Nov. 19, 2013.