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Another wrinkle to the diet challenge
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Another week down, and two more pounds lost. Thanksgiving presented a slight challenge when it came to sticking with the rules. As a refresher, my self-written rules are simply no seconds, no dessert, no soda, and no snacking. With cheese balls, cashews and snack trays (oh my!) displayed on every surface during the holidays, it can be hard to resist the temptation to constantly munch on the salty and sweet goodies that abound when we gather together. But the challenge was presented, and I’m proud to say that I passed the test with flying colors. I gravitated to the veggie tray when I felt the urge to nibble, and otherwise ate only at mealtimes.
Another element that made it a little easier to stay committed to the rules was the announcement my husband and I made to the family that we are expecting another baby next summer. Once people know that you’re pregnant, you can’t help but notice the sideways glances at your waistline. With over a dozen people peeking at my stomach, it was a little easier to maintain self control.
Obviously, being pregnant does change my game plan for losing weight. It’s going to be a little more difficult to resist snacking if my stomach is growling out of control in the middle of the afternoon. And for the baby’s sake, it’s not healthy to avoid healthy snacking all together. However, the rest of the rules will still apply and my outlook on changing my lifestyle is the same. At 10 weeks pregnant, I’ve lost 21 of the 40 pounds I set out to loose. With more than twenty extra pounds still in place, my doctor has given me the go-ahead to continue dieting as long as it comes with plenty of nutrition and the prenatal supplements that the baby needs to develop properly.
With a tiny human depending on my nutritional intake, my priority is less on losing weight and more on not gaining. I am going to strive throughout this pregnancy to gain as little weight as possible by increasing my activity level and sticking to the rules. I’m only 25 percent of the way through this pregnancy, so there are many more weeks left for me to prove myself and put my theories into practice. Wish me luck!

The rule-abiding
baby maker,
Rachel E. Mawhirter