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Video: 'Eclipse of the Century' from ground and air in 4K
Unique video of the 2017 solar eclipse from the ground and air. - photo by Mike Godfrey

You may remember the hype as this year's "Eclipse of the Century" approached perhaps you recall the news coverage reporting on the bumper-to-bumper traffic, or perhaps you didn't need the news to update you on traffic conditions throughout the country because you were part of the masses crawling along the country's freeways, highways and backcountry roads.

An estimated 2 million to 7.4 million Americans traveled to see what amounted to a roughly 2-minute spectacle. But what a spectacle it was.

It had been 38 years since the lower 48 had experienced a total solar eclipse and for those who were able to experience totality, 2 minutes was hardly enough time to completely process the experience. The sun, its outer atmosphere, flares, the moon, four planets, as well as the stars were all visible with the naked eye at midday.

But as spectacular as the experience was the eclipse passes. Traffic eventually returns to normal and we're left with only pictures, videos and first-hand accounts.

There are some great pictures and videos out there that are all worth a look, but this video is unique in that it captures not one, not two, but three views of the eclipse and its effect on the landscape and the sky from both the ground and air.

For anyone wishing to revisit the experience, or get a glimpse of what all the eclipse hype is about this is a must see video.