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Video shows bull moose sparring with a defenseless tire swing
When bull moose battle each other, serious injuries are not uncommon. Some encounters even result in fatalities. So what happens when a moose decides to tangle with a tire swing? - photo by Grant Olsen
SPOKANE, Washington Moose have been known to battle each other, and the encounters can be incredibly violent. Serious injuries are not uncommon, with some even resulting in fatalities.

So what happens when a moose decides to tangle with a tire swing? Video footage from a backyard in Washington reveals that its a much more amusing scene.

According to the Facebook post from a Spokane resident named Jill Ann Smith, she shot the video after waking up to find the rambunctious animal in her yard.

My tire swing had a sparing (sic) partner this morning, she wrote in the post. In one corner Mooser and in the other corner Tirer (sic). Round one and Tier (sic) won.

The moose, or Mooser as Smith referred to him, appeared in the video to be a bit confused by the swiveling swing. Or perhaps he took pity on it because of its inability to fight back. Either way, he never really bulldozed it the way he might have a fellow moose competitor.

For the record, Smith wisely kept her distance throughout the curious incident.

I would have liked to have gotten closer or a different angle, but I had this big, fluffy RED bathrobe on and I didn't want to find out what an aggregated BULL moose might think of red, she wrote in one of the videos comments.