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A Healthy Lifestyle Against Smoking
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Do you think living a healthy lifestyle involves smoking? Well, I certainly don’t. You can’t live a healthy life while smoking. Smoking can be very dangerous.  
Living healthy can mean different things to different people. For me, having a healthy lifestyle means you will have an awesome life. Healthy people live longer and you need to be healthy to have a fun and rich life. If you don’t take care of your health, you can cause problems for yourself and others. One way you can be healthier is by not smoking.
Now to be fair to nicotine, the consequences to smoking aren’t all bad. Surprisingly, there are some positive effects. Nicotine from cigarettes can be used as an anti-inflammatory or anti-psychotic. It can also cool off the nerves. Smokers have a very low risk of knee-replacement surgery, and a very low chance of being obese. Even though there are some positive outcomes to smoking, the negative impacts greatly outweigh them.
The nicotine and other carcinogenic substances in cigarettes are also very dangerous. Smoking may cause vomiting and the nicotine can cause depression. The carbon monoxide from cigarettes is also hazardous. It can result in a coma and even death. It also can create seizures that could cause fatigue, weakness, and dizziness
Smoking also impacts your physical well-being. Your blood is negatively impacted. Smoking may raise already high blood pressure as well as reduce the blood supply. The bones are also affected. They will lose density and break easily. Smoking damages every organ in the body. It damages the lungs, making breathing more difficult. Heart disease is another side-effect. Even your eyes can become irritated, your mouth smelly and your teeth stained. Smokers can also lose their ability to taste.
Smoking impacts the brain. It can alter mood. It makes you prone to more headaches and memory loss. Smokers also have more stress and more anger issues, which directly impacts those around them. But, this is not the only impact smoking has on others.
There are many effects smoking has on those who don’t smoke. It can cause others to develop asthma or trigger asthma attacks in people who already have asthma. The second-hand smoke can also cause cancer and heart disease in others. There is a higher risk of infant mortality for children whose mothers smoked while pregnant. Smoking around athletes causes them to have less endurance and poor body function.
The  decision  to  lead  a  healthy  lifestyle  has  an  impact  on  others  as  well  as those around you. My goal is to influence others to make them live a healthier life. I want to be proud of the choices I make for my health. Hopefully, my decisions will motivate others to do the same thing—be healthy and not smoke.