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Playaway Launchpad is the first ever secure, pre-loaded learning tablet designed for children in a circulation environment. Pre-loaded with high-quality learning apps, every Launchpad is durable enough to move from the hands of one little explorer to the next.
• Always shelf ready – One–touch reset means no staff maintenance is required
• 100% secure – No risk of exposure to unintended content
• Fun and educational – Supports learning objectives in school curriculum.
Avatar builder lets students design their own personal explorer. Discovery Points reward game play and can be used to purchase virtual accessories. Informational console gives educators analytics about time spent on tablet. One-touch reset makes it easy to pass from one explorer to the next.
Ellinwood School/Community Library has “Mix, Match, Magic! Math for ages 3-5, Pre-K to K”. Preschoolers will mix, match, sort, count and race their way through a world of early education math concepts taught through engaging games and puzzles. “Grow Your Smarts! Brain Games for Teens” which will help train your mind by challenging memory, reaction time, problem-solving and observation skills, attention span and more. “Playaway All-In-One Audiobook Complete Idiot’s Guide to Spanish” is not a tablet like the two previous listed, but is a small audio device. International travelers, students, and business people can now learn to converse in a new language in less than half the time they expect. This project is made possible by the State Library of Kansas and the Institute of Museum and Library Services.
Sheri Holmes
Director of Library/Media Services Ellinwood School/Community Libraries