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Dogs to Dolls exhibit opens Nov. 1 at Grassroots Art Center in Lucas
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The artwork of LeAnne Doljac of Mound City, will be on display at the Grassroots Art Center in Lucas starting Nov. 1st. LeAnne assembles works from a variety of materials, including metal from old car and truck hoods, which she cuts with a plasma cutter into shapes and forms. These are sometimes layered to become dogs, deer, and other animals, large and small.
Her doll series developed out of an exploration of childhood and life experiences. Donated and discarded dolls are combined with
materials such as fabric, glue, farm gears, kitchen items, beads and paper. Her sculptures are expressions of human experiences, relationships, and themes of duality: life/death, good/evil, innocence/culpability and other complexities. Materials include cement, bone, paint, metal, dirt, wood, plastics, textiles, ceramic and everyday objects. LeAnne was a licensed engineer for 10 years before devoting her life to her art full time.
The opening reception of Dogs to Dolls will be from 1:30 to 3 p.m. on Nov. 6, at the Grassroots Art Center, 213 South Main Street in Lucas. For more information call 785-525-6118. The exhibit will run through April 15th.