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Have You Seen This? Adele is rolling with the ducks
Just about everything is getting the "Duck Army" treatment as of late, but this Adele mash-up is pure gold. - photo by John Clyde
THE DUCK TRENCHES In this YouTube age, things go viral and make us laugh that our grandparents just roll their eyes at. But for some reason, we cannot get enough of it.

Great examples are Nyan Cat, Charlie Bit My Finger and of course Planking. Whether you loved this stuff or hated it, it's now part of the world we live in. What the latest viral non-sensory, you ask? Duck Army, that's what.

About a week ago a guy found a whole basket filled with rubber ducks that make a duck sound. Or at least what's supposed to be a duck sound. What happened when the guy pushed a bunch of the ducks down at once is pure chaos. This video blew up, and now the Duck Army is helping sing some of your favorite pop songs.

The latest superstar to get the Duck Army choir treatment is Adele.

Adele's monster hit "Rolling in the Deep" is a powerful song highlighted with the British singer's incredible voice. When you hear the Duck Army version, however, your realize that the diva has met her match.

You may hate this, but I cannot stop watching it. How great is it, you ask? Well, here's one metric Taylor Swift for scale. This video is also amazing, and Taylor Swift just sounds better with the Duck Army.

Thank you, interwebs. You've proven once again that people are sometimes the absolute best.