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Have You Seen This? Apartment at 20,000 feet
This apartment situated high on Mount Meru in India is only 24 sq. ft and does not include an elevator. Sleep at your own risk. - photo by John Clyde
TOP OF THE WORLD Many people have always dreamed of living in a high-rise apartment. The stellar views, the prestige of owning such prime real estate and theres just something about resting your head so high off the ground.

Well, what about apartment at 20,000 feet? Its only 24 square feet, theres no elevator and you may need to bring your own oxygen. Still interested?

The documentary Meru follows three climbers as the try to summit Mount Meru in the Himalayas. This video is from the new film.

Jimmy Chin and Conrad Anker take you on a tour of their tiny apartment in the sky and the millimeters of fabric that separate them from a 4,000 ft. drop. I dont know about you, but when I think about that my stomach gets a little queasy, and I start to black out a little. I was not built to climb mountains like that.

Its actually fascinating to see how these climbers live as they take try to conquer one the most coveted prizes in climbing, but I think Ill just watch them achieve this amazing feet instead of joining them.

As for me, Ill just keep dreaming of owning that high-rise apartment someday.