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Have You Seen This? Awesome pig with awesome name makes anchor lose it
A news anchor in Kentucky cannot keep his cool when he meets the one and only Chris P. Bacon. - photo by John Clyde
CHRIS P. BACON'S HOUSE We have all seen news anchors and reporters lose it on camera from time to time. In fact, I remember producing a show for KSL when Rich Piatt and Greg Wrubell started laughing and ate up about 5 minutes of my show. I was OK with it because I was laughing too hard to care.

A news anchor in Kentucky had one last story to tell about an adorable pot belly pig who was helping kids at a hospital. The story itself isn't funny, it's actually inspiring, but something about seeing that pig stopped the anchor in his tracks and got him laughing. In the anchor's defense, I think even the best of us would have had a meltdown when we saw that name as well.

The pot-bellied pig with no back legs is named Chris P. Bacon. At first it seems adorable, then realization sets in and you get a little mortified as it becomes clear that someone named a pig Crispy Bacon. If that name has any literal meaning, then things are not looking good for Chris.

Regardless, you can't help but chuckle at the anchor as he loses any and all composure.

I'm sure the anchor has moved on, considering this happened back in early 2014, but in true viral-video fashion this clip just caught on. It's so viral, in fact, that it gained about 700,000 views overnight.

People now love you, Chris, so if it's not too late I have a feeling that you have plenty of supporters who don't want to eat you.