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Have You Seen This? Crocodile attacks stork
What you're about to watch is nature at its most pure and brutal. Watch if you can. It may change you forever. - photo by John Clyde

NATURE Wildlife in its natural habitat is a glorious and beautiful thing. Watching animals interact with one another as nature takes its course. It's a marvel really, and sometimes it's brutal and exact.

This video may be a bit strong for some, but I believe it is something that needs to be experienced. A stork is drinking water at a national park in South Africa. The graceful bird refreshes itself as it likely does any other day, but it doesn't know what lies in the murky depths below.

Predators abound in these waters and it's a daily struggle for the prey as they try to do everyday tasks to survive. The tension is palpable as you watch the thin stork sip from the cool water as we wait for the inevitable: an attack.

With blinding speed and bone-chilling stealth, a crocodile lunges from the water to attack the unsuspecting bird. The reptiles jaws are wide, ready to devour, but this feathered fowl is no stranger to the dangers of the wild and has a few tricks up its sleeve. The stork jumps from the death-filled mouth of the croc and leaps just out of harm's way. The crocodile is left, mouth gaped, wondering where its dinner has fled. The bird is safe, the croc is hungry, but for how long?

Who am I kidding? This video made me laugh so hard. I'm still laughing. I love this video.