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Have You Seen This? Dads dont know anything about weddings
Dads don't understand weddings at all - photo by Angela Treasure
DOWN THE AISLE Weddings are serious business.

Heaven forbid something goes terribly awry on the big day, like a drone crashing the party or a ring-bearer interrupting the ceremony for a high five.

Wedding party participants are there to ensure everything goes smoothly for the bride and groom. Such is the plight of recently viral YouTube star Joanna Lomelino aka "JoJo," a 4-year-old who spends an exasperating (to her) amount of time explaining things to her clueless daddy. The latest in a series of lectures shows the tot expounding on wedding etiquette when her dad asked if he could call out to her as she fulfilled her flower girl duties.

You have to remember what weddings look like so that you cant talk to people, OK? Jojo tells her dad, who is no doubt smirking behind the camera. You have to remember that.

Its very important that the sassy 4-year-old is not embarrassed by her father as shes walking down the aisle, emphatically gesticulating with her hands as she goes.

And it's adorable.

When dad asks, What if I just yell, Princess? JoJo is thrown into a tizzy.

You see, JoJo has another viral video in which she explains all of her non-princess-like qualities to her dad in excruciating detail. These are things princesses have/dont do, according to JoJo:

Them have prettier dresses like, dress up ones.

Them have sparkly bracelets.

Them have a really, really sparkly princess headband.

Them dont take showers.

Them dont go in sand or dirt. Them do clean stuff, not dirty stuff.

All the princess are not, not real.

Most of all, princesses arent interrupted by their daddies.

Back to the pre-wedding discussion, where JoJo is wearing an adorable red flower girl dress and making sure her dad doesnt call her name during the ceremony, which may lead people to believe hes a bad daddy.

I have no doubt her father obeyed when the big moment arrived.

"Don't mess with JoJo when she's being a flowergirl," dad writes about the YouTube video.

You can follow along JoJo and her dads shenanigans via their YouTube Channel and her Instagram profile.