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Have You Seen This? Jet-powered snowboard
What's better than a snowboard? A jet-powered snowboard, of course. And now we've got one, kind of. - photo by John Clyde

THE WORKSHOP OK, first things first here. This is not an actual jet-powered snowboard, it's powered by fans, but let's be honest, if it were titled "Have you Seen This? Fan-powered snowboard" you wouldn't have clicked on it. Welcome to the seedy world of online news.

Anyway, this video is still pretty cool. The YouTube channel The Hacksmith makes some pretty awesome things and this snowboard is pretty cool. The entire video is 10 minutes long and you do have to sit through a small ad for Dollar Shave Club, but it's still worth it. If you just can't handle watching the whole thing you can jump to about 8:45 and see the board in action.

If you don't jump, however, you can see the pretty ingenious way they put the board together and watch them problem-solve the issues, which is entertaining in its own right. The video made me realize I need a friend who's a brilliant engineer and has access to things like a 3D printer and a workshop. Wait, I do have that friend. You know who you are and we need to spend more time together if you can build cool stuff like this.