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Have You Seen This? Jurassic Ninja Warrior
The Ninjasaurus - photo by Angela Treasure
DINO DOJO Theres something special about two seemingly disparate entities joining together to create something wonderful in its own right.

Peanut butter and jelly. Lennon and McCartney. Dinosaurs and American Ninja Warrior.

The latter is a representation of two of the countrys most recent and ardent obsessions. Jurassic World was a summer mega blockbuster, and American Ninja Warrior routinely pulls down excellent ratings on NBC. When a Utahn became the first ANW title winner in September earning $1 million in the process, the world went nuts seriously, watch the video.

So what would make Brentwood Photographys video of a training session with Reko Rivera all the more enjoyable? Rivera working through all manner of apparatuses in the confines of a T-Rex costume, of course.

I wont pretend that Im not in awe of the kinds of maneuvers Rivera can pull off while costumed. As someone who repeatedly failed the pull-up portion of the Presidential Fitness Test in elementary school, I feel an odd sort of inspiration watching this display of dinosaur Parkour. The sting of my failures is lessened by the fact that the costume exaggerates every one of Riveras actions in a delightfully silly way.

The video was shot at the FTC Ninja Warrior Course in Palmetto, Florida. Brentwood Photography plans to take the T-Rex in T-Raining on any number of additional physical excursions and is currently taking suggestions for the Ninjasaurus on its Facebook page.