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Have You Seen This? LSU bride tricks Alabama groom
Love and marriage is strong, but football is stronger. - photo by John Clyde

THE LAND OF MATRIMONY I have a friend who is a huge college football fan, and he's especially loyal to one team.

In fact, he made sure when he got married that it was a Saturday that his team had a bye and then made sure to honeymoon to a place that had the right channel so he could watch their game the following Saturday.

I always thought my buddy took his fandom a little far to the point it was taking priority over his wedding. I now realize he's not as much the exception as the rule. This video showed me some people take it even farther.

This bride and groom are celebrating their wedding and the groom is apparently an Alabama fan and therefore a terrible person. I'm joking, but he's enough of a fan that he wanted to make sure the Crimson Tide were a part of the nuptials. His groom's cake was the Alabama logo and he even made jokes about how much better Bama is than his wife's team, LSU.

The bride got the last laugh, however, because when he cut into the cake it turns out his wife had the inside made into LSU colors. The place erupts and the groom starts looking for his lawyer uncle to have a discussion about an annulment.

OK, maybe he didn't, but these people and my friend are at a level of fandom I'll never achieve and you know what? I'm OK with that.