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Have You Seen This? Spin landing a seaplane
Landing a plane on the water is hard enough. Spinning out on purpose and staying in control is even harder. - photo by John Clyde

THE WATER Flying a plane takes a lot of practice. Landing a plane takes even more practice and landing a seaplane just seems insane to me. If the thought of a giant metal object hurdling through the air at high rates of speed wasn't crazy enough. now take that flying hunk of metal and gently place it on top of water and watch it float.

This pilot not only did that, but he spun his seaplane out during landing on purpose.

Apparently stunt landing is a thing because of course it is and this guy nailed it. At first I didn't think it was that big of a deal and then I started to really break it down. That was actually insane.

The whole time I was thinking the only logical pilot behind the controls must be Baloo from the cartoon "TailSpin." Who else could pull off something like that other than the captain of the Seaduck? Well, it wasn't a talking bear with a pilot's license, it was actually an impressive pilot who managed to go from 97 knots; just over 111 mph; to a complete stop in only 265 feet. Oh, and he managed to do a complete 360.

I can't even do a convincing donut in my car in an empty parking lot of ice. This guy wins the day. Baloo finally has a worthy opponent.