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Have You Seen This? Squirrel steals donut from cop
There are some things you just don't do, squirrel, and this is one of those things. - photo by John Clyde
THE STATION When you're a kid there are a few things that were the ultimate dare. These included pulling the fire alarm at school, doorbell ditching that cranky neighbor on your street or getting a soda from the teacher's lounge.

I feel like the animal kingdom has its own dares as well. For example, quails like to dare each other to see who can stand in the road and not move out of the way of a speeding car until the very last second, fish dare each other to try that bright looking food just hanging out in the water, and I believe squirrels dare each other to steal donuts from cops.

Well, this little rodent in Anchorage, Alaska, is now the coolest furry-tailed fella in his tree.

The Anchorage Police Department posted this video to Facebook with the following caption, "Seriously. He stole a perfectly good donut. FROM A COP. That's a straight-up felony. Also... it's rude."

Watch your back, squirrel, the boys in blue have a bone to pick with you and I doubt they will rest until they find you.

For all you kids and or adults out there constantly daring each other to do the next craziest thing, like eat a chipotle pepper, just think about the heaps of trouble this squirrel is in and maybe step away from the dare and accept the ridicule of not doing it. That will likely be easier than the consequence of going through with it.