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Have You Seen This? Stick to cars, cops
Apparently Segways are hard to ride. Or some of the cops in Rexburg aren't as coordinated as we'd hoped. - photo by John Clyde

THE ONE AND ONLY IDAHO Police officers in Rexburg, Idaho, got themselves some Segways to patrol the city, but I don't think they realized the small vehicles also came with bruised egos and sore backs.

This video really speaks for itself. It's a known formula that would seem worn out if it didn't deliver on laughs every single time. Human being interacts with technology; technology wins.

The first brave officer who jumps on the Segway ended his joy ride due to the protest of a cafeteria chair. The second officer found himself on the floor watching his pride slip into the void.

I've never ridden a Segway, so it may be tough, but I have learned to not film myself on my first foray into the Segway universe.

Watch, laugh and be warned.