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Have You Seen This? The most unsatisfying video in the world
This video is mesmerizing and so very aggravating. It's going to drive you nuts. - photo by John Clyde
ANNOYANCETON There is something satisfying to watching something work perfectly. For example this or even this. But some people just like to watch the world burn, and Parallel Studio's is apparently filled with those people.

I should warn you now, that if you can't handle things not working out or not finishing correctly you should stop now and not watch this video. If you do your day is likely going to be ruined.

This animated video is titled "Unsatisfying" and it's just that. It's packed with a number of animations that just don't work out and it's pretty aggravating. You'll be shifting in your chair the whole time as you watch a golf ball miss its mark or soda can get stuck in a vending machine.

I don't know what kind of clever monsters they have working over at Parallel Studios, but they really know how to push a person's buttons.

Watch the video and be a little bothered all day.