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Have You Seen This? The power of a cappella
They already taught us what the fox says, now Ylvis teaches us about the power of a capella. - photo by John Clyde

A CAPPELLA LAND Back in 2013 Ylvis taught us a lesson we'd never forget: they taught us what the fox says. We didn't just love the "lesson" in song form, we absolutely adored it. How much, you ask? To the tune of more than 570 million YouTube hits. That's insanity at its max.

Ylvis is back and while this new song doesn't quite have the punch of "What Does the Fox Say?" it's pretty darn catchy and incredibly clever.

While learning what the fox says is important, it's vital that we all know that a cappella groups can change the world and keep you safe. With their wool hats, leather bracelets, and John on the "drums," a cappella can solve any problem. At least that's what I understood.

These guys clearly have talent, but let's all be thankful they don't take themselves too seriously. I'm pretty sure this video isn't going to enjoy 570 million hits, but I do think it will make the world a better place.