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Have You Seen This? The worst traffic jam ever
We've all been stuck in traffic and wanted to lose it. Well, if we had been stuck in this one our heads probably would have exploded. - photo by John Clyde

THE FREEWAY We've all been there. We're coming home from work or a trip and we just want to get home. We've been gone long enough, and it's time to get home and just kick back.

The world has other plans, however, because it turns out everyone who lives within a 50-mile radius of you has the same idea and is headed in the same direction. So, instead of getting home, you're stuck in traffic cursing the traffic gods.

While you sit there and stew, you should maybe start to realize how lucky you are and that you're not dealing with this kind of traffic.

This video is from China where people are trying to get back to Beijing after vacation. Have you ever heard the saying, "too many to count" or "more cars than stars in the sky" when it comes to traffic? Well, this may be the closest we ever come to making those sayings literal.

I get a minor panic attack just looking at this, and I promise you would not want to be anywhere near me if I were stuck in this madness. I'll take the frustrations of I-15 any day of the week over this mess.