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Have You Seen This? World's first BMX triple front flip
We've seen the BMX quad back flip, the biggest jump in action sports history and even a double back flip on a motorcycle. Now, the Nitro Circus gives us the world's first BMX triple front flip. - photo by John Clyde

BONKERS TOWN Those of us on the Have You Seen This team love the Nitro Circus. Don't believe us? Well, take a look at this, and this, and this. Told you. We dig these crazy cats.

Well, in addition to all this madness, here's one more insane stunt, the world's first BMX triple front flip.

Nitro Circus athletes Ryan Williams and Andrew Ahumada jumped on their BMX bikes and launched off a giant ramp in hopes of being the first person to land a triple front flip. Attempt after attempt was made until Ryan Williams finally stuck the landing and became the world's first.

Now, I don't want to take anything away from Williams, but I think I was actually the first to pull this trick off. Granted it wasn't on purpose, but still. When I was about 9 years old I was headed down Glider Lane in Sandy, Utah, on my Huffy. It was neon green and the object of desire of most of the neighborhood.

About halfway down the hill I got curious and wondered what sound I could make if I rubbed my shoe on my tire. I did so, got an interesting sound and my inquisitive noggin decided to push it a little further. "What will it sound like if I rub my shoe on my spokes?"

An interesting question, but a terrible decision. My foot got caught in the spokes and I did three complete front flips and landed on my tires. I wasn't on my seat and my tires weren't on the road, but rather I was literally on top of my tires as my Huffy laid on its side.

Mine wasn't as pretty, but I think I deserve some credit.

Back to the professionals. It was cool to hear Williams say he thought of their recently departed friend Erik Roner just before the jump. That was heartbreaking news and it was cool to see his friends and teammates thinking about him.