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Pathfinder: 'Dragon's Demand' great example of a quality premade adventure for gamers
"The Dragons Demand" is a deluxe super-adventure for first-level characters and includes 64 action-packed pages of adventure and new monsters, plus a beautiful double-sided, full-color poster map of the town of Belhaim and an important miniature-scale battleground. - photo by Ryan Morgenegg
Once a role-playing gaming group has gotten together and developed some characters, it's time to set off on an adventure. Preparing an adventure can be time-consuming, so Paizo Publishing has created the adventure module "The Dragon's Demand." Read on to decide if it's right for your gaming group.

The module is thoroughly planned out and well-designed with a beautiful, double-sided, full-color map. On one side is a map of the city of Belhaim and on the other is a battle map for use with miniatures. The artwork is of extremely high quality and the adventure is divided into three chapters.

Designed to take player characters (PCs) from first to seventh level, the setting of this mystery adventure is a small town called Belhaim, founded by a famous dragon slayer. The author does a great job of getting the players involved. The text suggests that the adventurers arrive in Belhaim after agreeing to be guards for a traveling caravan.

After arriving and sitting down to a meal in Belhaim, the PCs hear a huge explosion outside and they and villagers rush out to discover that a long-standing, abandoned structure called the witch tower, on a nearby hilltop, has collapsed. As part of Chapter 1, the players investigate and find out that in the rubble of the tower are the bodies of kobolds. But why are there dead kobolds on the outskirts of town?

Clues from the remains of the tower lead characters in Chapter 2 to the home of a local wizard named Hunclay. After knocking for a while and trying to make contact at his estate, the adventurers decide to break into the house to see what's going on. Players will have some fun encounters and a wonderful role-playing opportunity with an entity trapped by the old wizard's magic. But what about the wizard himself and his treasure? No spoilers here, but answers to both questions are given during the investigation.

In Chapter 3, the PCs are invited to attend a town auction in Belhaim with several colorful characters attending from around the realm. Rules are given to allow PCs the ability to participate in the auction, and each character and his motives are provided to enable a wonderful role-playing opportunity filled with fun. The conclusion of the auction is action-packed, with the attack of an ancient black dragon that issues a variety of demands. A good game master will have a hoot with this.

One of the dragon's demands is to deliver a hefty sum of gold to the nearby abandoned monastery of St. Kyerixus within a few days. To begin, though, the town's baroness requests a town council and the PCs are invited. It's another great role-playing opportunity as the council decides what action to take.

Eventually the council sends the PCs to find out if the dragon can be defeated or bargained with, but the ransom is too high to pay. On the way to St. Kyerixus Monastery, careful players will find a long-abandoned crypt that is crucial to explore. It contains key items that are necessary to complete the adventure successfully. Oh, but there are some fantastic encounters in the crypt.

The final part of the adventure is the investigation of the St. Kyerixus Monestary. Herein players will discover the truth behind the entire story of this adventure module. Is there really a dragon behind all of the chaos or is there something more sinister? Exploration of this site reveals a bunch of surprises and provides a satisfying conclusion to the adventure.

"The Dragon's Demand" is a superb example of a quality premade adventure for the Pathfinder role-playing game. The components are amazing. The book contains a quick reference for all the quests in the adventure for easy reference. It also has an appendix with more details on key characters, monsters and locations, including a handy rumor chart. For Pathfinder gamers this module is worth the price and will provide several game sessions of fun interaction. It has battles, role-playing, puzzles, mystery and a bunch of mayhem.