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Pixar shows off 'The Good Dinosaur' in new trailer
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Im so genuinely happy to see Pixar back to being Pixar.

After its recent string of sequels, I wondered if success had gotten the better of the studio that brought us Finding Nemo, Monsters, Inc. and, of course, The Incredibles. But after catching the recent press screening for Inside Out and now seeing this latest trailer for The Good Dinosaur, Im back among the Pixar believers.

The trailer, which is barely a minute long, asks us to imagine a world where dinosaurs werent destroyed by a six-mile-wide asteroid as if we havent been asking ourselves that question in every slow class, movie and meeting since we were 6-year-old children. Then, after giving us a brief look at the character designs and a few action sequences, reveals a clever and compelling logo that Id like on a T-shirt immediately.

Considering that the best CG dinosaur weve seen on screen in the last 15 years is Rex from the Toy Story series, Im going to put my money on The Good Dinosaur when it comes to who will win in the best-2015-dinosaur-adventure competition.

Dont get me wrong, Im excited to see how Chris Pratt and a bunch of tamed raptors take out a genetically modified super-killer-dinosaur in the soon-coming Jurassic World, but after seeing this Good Dinosaur trailer I have high hopes Pixar will soon be adding another lasting classic to its already impressive library.