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Macksville OK Kids celebrate Earth Day
mackvll ok kids
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MACKSVILLE — On Earth Day, April 22, the Macksville City Library held an O.K. Kids event for all Macksville students, grades Pre-K through 6th.

The Kansas Wildscape Foundation helped sponsor the program with a $150 grant.

With the grant the library was able to purchase 10 new nature-themed books for check out, plus a prize book for one winner in each class, Library Director Jody Suiter reported.  

And, each student, teacher, and library patron got to take home two flowers to plant at home. In total 252 Earth Day flowers, were given away by day’s end!

Class by class, students and teachers braved the Kansas winds to walk to the library. Students learned about the history of Earth Day, about the Wildlifer Program, and what the three arrows on the Recycling Symbol mean.  We learned about the Do’s & Dont’s of recycling: from what can go in our local BROWN recycling bins, to what can be recycled in a STORE DROP-OFF bin.  Students also played a game of Heads or Tails to win a book about animals.

Plans to plant marigold seeds in front of the library had to be postponed due to the high winds, but they will be planted soon- volunteers welcome! 

One quote we talked about was from Benjamin Franklin: “When the well’s dry, we know the worth of water.” In this current drought, the students could truly relate.

And, hopefully, this program can help them teach others about ways they can help care for and enjoy our beautiful Earth!

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Macksville Library Director